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Here’s Why Many Pilots Fail The IATRA Exam

Have you ever felt that uncomfortable sense of overwhelm when studying for a TC Exam?

What about the amount of content required to know without having a clear direction as to what to study?

Your focus then becomes scattered, similar to a scattered layer stretched accross the prairies for miles with no end in sight…

As a result, without a clear path forward, you become frustrated, unmotivated & on the verge of giving up.

Doesn’t help that perhaps a study resource you’re utilizing is so dragged out it becomes mind-numbing.

Sound familiar?

Imagine A Focused Resource To Make Studying Simple. Say goodbye to Confusion, Uncertainty & Unanswered Questions.


From “What Do I Need To Know” to “I Got This!”

You will obtain the following measurable skills & knowledge after completion of IATRA Exam Prep:

01.  Obtain the required knowledge and skills to successfully PASS the Transport Canada IATRA examination.

02.  Develop a firm understanding of two crew procedures in a flight deck setting.

03.  Confidently calculate aircraft performance data using applicable charts, documents & formulas.

05.  Be able to understand & interpret start malfunctions common to turbine & turbojet aircraft.

06.  Gain an awareness to typical high altitude meteorological conditions including associated risks, hazards & commonalities.


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*Pass Rate Updated June 2024

Your 3-Part Study Plan to Passing the IATRA


Get Clear With The IATRA Content

Our goal is to develop your understanding & confidence of the exam material.



Hone your skills with over
400 IATRA Type Exam Questions


Stay On Track

Keeping you in the air and not stuck on the ground studying.

Over 185 Pilots Have Given Us a Perfect 5-Star Rating!

Rishav K.
Rishav K.
Key to passing Your IATRA!
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It was an absolute game-changer for me. Within just one week of dedicated studying, I managed to pass my exam with an outstanding 98%! The course's concise and well-structured content provided exactly what I needed to succeed. Every important piece of information was covered, making it efficient and effective. I achieved my goal and couldn't be happier with the results!
Greg A.
Greg A.
Just As Good As Their INRAT Course!
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Got 88%. Felt very well prepared going into my IATRA. There was nothing on the exam that I was not prepared for! After taking the INRAT with INRAT Exam Prep, I honestly expected great practice questions, clear to the point presentations. The IATRA prep was no different! Great to see and led me into the exam with tons of confidence. Highly recommend if you are taking your flight training career seriously.
Vikram S.
Vikram S.
V1, Rotate!
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Excellent course. I jumped on board IATRA exam prep as soon as the course was released as I knew it would be of the same quality of their other course INRAT exam prep (which I also used). Course was easy to navigate and covered everything that you need to know for the exam but also knowledge that you need to have if you choose to fly in a 2 crew environment in the future. I felt very prepared going into the exam and the results showed - the highest mark overall that I have received to date on any TC exam was on the IATRA!
Ben C.
Ben C.
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The IATRA exam prep was extremely helpful, each section is very well detailed with great explanations that make the material easy to understand. I completed the course within 2 weeks and passed with an 80%. I definitely recommend purchasing this course if you are planning on attempting the exam.

Your Dream Of Flying A Two Crew Aircraft Starts Here

Your “One Stop Shop” To Passing Your IATRA Exam


Structured Content 
With over 20 hours of course content, IATRA Exam Prep breaks down each tested concept with real-world examples & formulas that you can work through at your own pace.
Audio & Video Lectures
Regularly updated to represent the latest IATRA exam content.
Practice Exams
Test your theory & practical knowledge with 6 customized practice exams totaling over 300 questions.
Discussion Forums
Have a question? Ask questions, discuss course content & concepts with fellow students & instructors via slide-specific discussion forums.
Study Resources & Worksheets
Downloadable PDF resources & worksheets designed to assist you in studying & preparing.
Formula Sheets
Download your IATRA formula sheet containing all applicable formulas.
24-hour Instructor Reply Guarantee
Our Instructors consistently monitor our discussion forums & emails to ensure your success.
Optimized For Mobile
Enjoy working through the course “on the go” from your mobile device!
Student Perks
Enjoy discounts and perks from fellow startups & small businesses within the Canadian aviation industry.


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Compelling Testimonials That Speak For Themselves

Ryan A.
Ryan A.
The most functional IATRA course there is!
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This is by far the best IATRA course there is. I’ve used two different courses before and they were very broad and not helpful at all. With IATRA Exam Prep, everything was clear and concise. As opposed to other courses having 1 and almost 2 hour presentations, IATRA Exam Prep had clear and to the point presentations that kept me engaged and wanting to learn more, not losing concentration once. My exam was scheduled 7 days before I started my course and I passed my exam with ease. This is by far the best course I have enrolled in and I hope they have some more courses in the works because I will be signing up!
Matt. W
Matt. W
From an Instructor Perspective...
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If you are thinking of using this course for your IFR or IATRA don't second guess yourself.... Just get it. As a Flight instructor and in the industry this course will give you everything and more required to write both exams and Pass! The Courses flow in such a way that makes it easy to follow by breaking it down in sections, keeps you motivated and ready with practice quizzes after each section and practice exams that are almost identical to the real exams you will get..There is no doubt by this course you will pass and get that first job! or two crew position! Jason and Dean are very passionate about the course and check up on you and help you with any struggles you are having so that you cast out all doubt before that big day! This course is a one-stop shop for everything you need and more as mentioned. I recommend all my students here and without doubt they pass and are successful every time!
Trevor W.
Trevor W.
Simply the Best IATRA Prep Available!
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I was lucky enough to find this IATRA course after becoming overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at me in other courses. The team at INRAT Exam Prep have put together an excellent resource where they have taken the time to focus on the concepts specific to the IATRA exam. After spending a week reviewing the material, I was ready to write. The INRAT Exam Prep team even took the extra step to check-in prior to my test date to ensure I felt well prepared. I recommend this course to anyone looking for a clear, straight forward study tool for the IATRA. I only wish I’d known about their INRAT course when I needed it!
Dave A.
Dave A.
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Did my iatra today and got 90% so I’d say the iatra exam prep was worth it. No surprises, every question was expected. Best test result I’ve got. Also, I am a flight instructor and I was initially introduced to these products through student that used them for his INRAT. He was blown away by the product and the fantastic customer service provided that he had to recommend them to me. I will continue to recommend this product to my current and future students.


Built by Pilots, For Pilots

Dean Hardman

Dean is currently a Boeing 737 airline pilot, based out of Edmonton, Alberta. While challenging at times flying into different countries where navigational procedures differ, flying the Boeing 737 has been a great experience thus far. Some of his favorite and most challenging destinations that he’s flown to have been Orlando, Cancun, and Montego Bay.

Dean is also a Flight Instructor, primarily teaching Multi-Engine & Instrument Ratings. A Flight Instructor since 2014, Dean’s passion also lies in teaching and mentoring others within the Aviation Industry.

Previously, Dean operated the Dash 8 Q400 as well as the King Air 200 in a Medevac role.

Jason Migadel

Jason currently operates the Canadian Regional Jet (CRJ). Previously an FO on the Q400 as well as a Captain on the Beechcraft 1900, Jason has had the opportunity to work & fly in the training, corporate, charter & schedule service areas of the aviation industry.

An aspect of aviation that Jason enjoys tremendously is the teaching/instruction and mentor-ship of student pilots navigating the industry. A fundamental aspect of INRAT Exam Prep is working closely with pilots/students, providing value & a wealth of knowledge to ensure student growth & continued success.

Jason’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Degree with a focus in Finance at the University of Alberta School of Business.

We Stand Behind You:

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee Because Your Satisfaction Matters

We are so confident in this course that we’re willing to “put our money where our mouth is” and back up your purchase with a 100 % money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel like this is the right choice for you, we’ll refund every cent you paid – no questions asked.


Chapter 01


Air Law

Flight Instruments & Navigation

Chapter 02


Chapter 03


Flight Operations


Chapter 04


Chapter 05


Human Factors

Are You Getting The Results You Want? These Pilots Are!

Those Pilots Currently Flying Two Crew Aircraft Have Already Invested Time & Money For In Person Prep Seminars 

… To work through the same content you’re getting in this course for a fraction of the price!

IATRA Exam Prep is a One Stop Shop to passing your exam.
No other resources, books, and materials are required.


The IATRA exam is designed for Canadian Commercial Pilots looking to to be considered hirable at a two crew operation & grow their careers as a pilot. This includes any medevac, air taxi, commuter or even airline type operation.

The IATRA is not a license nor a rating on its own, however without completion of this exam a CPL holder is restricted to operating single-pilot aircraft only.

No, the only requirement is to have at least 125 total hours. 

*Please Note: TC currently has an exemption in place that allows you to write the IATRA exam with 25% of the total experience. As a result, you can write the IATRA exam as early as approximately 65 hours. 

Once you reach 250 total hours, your IATRA will be validated and you can begin to operate on two crew aircraft.

The IATRA exam is valid for two years (24 months). Your IATRA exam validates your ability to operate in a two crew environment once you obtain a PPC.

No! IATRA Exam Prep is a “one-stop-shop” to passing your IATRA exam. All manuals, publications, and reference material required to be successful on the exam are incorporated inside the course.

Also available to you are interactive features to ensure your success on the INRAT exam including: Interactions with Instructors & fellow pilots via our discussion boards, Work “on the go” with our mobile-friendly platform, downloadable resources including worksheets, flow charts & checklists, student perks from Canadian aviation small businesses & all applicable study resources pertaining to the IATRA exam & multi crew world are provided.

Get Paid To Fly A Two-Crew Airplane With IATRA Exam Prep

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